Variety of available axes

There are several types of axes:

Different axes take less time to complete certain tasks.  The woodsman's axe, for example, is the best axe at cutting down trees.  The broad axe is the best at forming tree trunks into logs and smoothing log cabin walls.  The carving axe is the best at carving and carving log cabin walls.  The splitting axe is the best at splitting logs and tree trunks into blocks and splitting blocks into firewood.  In general, paying attention to the message given when attempting an action will reveal the best tool for the task.

All of the axes but the stone axe must be traded for.  The stone axe can be made from one slender tree trunk, one rope and one stone, using a knife, but it is poorly suited for most tasks.

If you choose Lonely Settler starting scenario, you will acquire several axes.