Cows are common domestic animals, which can be traded for in many villages. They are one of the few animals that can be milked, and can be butchered like other animals for fat and meat.


6 cows and a bull in a pen.

Basic Info CowBull Foot Prints
Type Land Mammal Domestic Herbivore
Weight ~365 lbs
Rare Common
Terrain Village
Season Time 24h


Walk/Run Climb Swim/Dive Fly
?/? No ?/No No
Behavior Passive Self-defense Leading
  • Instinct
Behavior Passive Self-defense
  • Genders
  1. Female-CowCattle: Can be milked, can carry over 100 lbs. A cow in v3.17 costs 137 arrows.
  2. Male-BullBull: Only 2-3 Bulls in 1 cow pen in villages, carry 273 lbs, sometimes will try to defend cows and other bulls ,large enough to rival stags in size, making their attempts at defense much more potent.
  • Sizes and Items Yelded
Size Carry Weight (lb) Items
Cattle Bull Cuts Fats (lbs) Skin (lbs)
Small 130 2 18
Normal 165 2 18
Big 200 2 18