Foxes are common animals in UrW. They can be spotted on the world map, and come in two varieties: normal and arctic.  The arctic variety seems to appear only during winter months.  The two types have the same physical traits, other than color, but the arctic fox's fur is more valuable.  Interestingly, arctic foxes leave tracks that can be distinguished from a normal fox's tracks.

Fox furs are prized trade goods, especially by foreign traders.  Foxes are more difficult to chase to exhaustion than many other small animals (even in skis), and single arrow will lower the quality of the fur, making it difficult to obtain superior quality fox skins.  Unless your character has a high Stealth rating, it is often best to use a trap, followed by Blunt attacks.

The "Käpälälauta"-fox trap is a specialized trap for foxes, made from a board. As foxes are carnivorous, it is advisable to bait these traps.

Foxes can be summoned with the "Hunter's Request to Catch a Fox" ritual.  This ritual will not produce arctic foxes, regardless of season. They can ignore fences.




Arctic Fox