A hare

Hares are a type of small game.  Due to their size, hares are not visible on the world map, but they can be tracked and are often stumbled across while wandering.  They are non-aggressive and quite weak, relying on burst speed to escape when faced with a threat.

Hares have more endurance than many small game animals, but they are still not terribly difficult to chase down.  After fleeing for an hour or two of game-time, a hare should reach breathless state, and its mobility will slow to a crawl.  This allows you to easily bring your prey


A hare trying to steal turnip fall in a newly built loop snare

down with Blunt attacks, protecting the hide.

Hare furs, even of superior quality, are not quite as valuable as some of the other small game pelts.  It may be best to stick with skinning the hares that fall into your traps, rather than spending time trying to run them down.  That is, unless you haven't eaten in a while.

Hares have special favourableness to turnips. The speedy animal will risk their life to obtain them.