A basic tutorial about the gameplay, to provide the new players with some knowledges and tools to survive at least the first week. A fast player can complete this course inside a week, but due to the nature of Agriculture portion, it might be stalled when you can not prepare the ground or plant something.

Tasks Edit

  • Water - Drink some water (drinking from a container doesn't work).
  • A Closer Look - Zoom in.
  • Picking Up - Pick something up.
  • Make A Fire - Start a fire with the survival skill.
  • Cookery - You will receive a pike, which you have to cook.
  • Timberwork - Fell a tree, any tree.
  • Do It Yourself - make something with the [M]ake menu.
  • Fishing - You will receive a fishing rod. Use Active Fishing (alt-f=fishing skill, catching something is not necessary)
  • Shelter in the Woods - build a shelter with the survival skill.
  • Incantation - Perform any ritual.
  • Tracking - Gives a 22% boost to the tracking skill. Use it until you come across tracks. (if stuck check outside village or own penned animal)
  • The Search for the Wildlife - Find an animal on the zoomed-in map. (climbing a tree on map helps locating, but fall can hurt)
  • A Kill - Kill an animal. (This works also if your dog kills an animal, or even if he's killed in combat.)
  • Hideworking - Skin and tan some animal skin. (alt-h for hideworking skill, use BEFORE cutting for meat)
  • Setting A Trap - Set a trap, then zoom out (pre-existing trap works)
  • Checking The Trap - After one or two days, go back to your trap. (if stuck, try quit+save near the trap. might just need a few days time)
  • The Settlement - Find and enter a village.
  • Trading - Trade for something.
  • Watercourse - You will receive a handaxe .  Acquire a raft or punt, and use it to move across some water.
  • A Catch - Catch a fish with the fishing skill. (catch from net works)
  • Building - Build anything (can even be a fence)
  • Agriculture - You will receive a shovel, and some random seeds. Use Ag. skill to prepare soil after fire, wait and then plant some seeds. (tip: chop firewood, 2/1 per tile is enough)
  • A Domestic Animal - Buy an animal and apply a rope to leash it. (applying a rope/leash to an already owned animal is sufficient)
  • A Companion - Hire a companion. ([2] "helping hand" doesn't want a weapon, just food)

At the end of this course, you may choose between learning new rituals, having a skill increase (3 points to allocate in v3.16) or a stat increase.