Mushrooms are one of the kinds of edible flora in Unreal World. Though some mushrooms are edible raw, the majority are poisoned in some way, with varying severity. Light poisons will trouble your character for a few days. Poison effects can range from slight nausea, to hallucinations, to death.

Most of the time these poisons will be neutralised after blanching them, using a pot and some water with the "Boil / Herbal beverages" Cookery option. The boiled mushroom thus obtained can be used as mushroom ingredient in further cooking recipes, such as mushroom soup. Therefore, it is always a good idea to blanch mushrooms before eating, unless you have prior experience. Directly cooking mushroom soup using raw mushrooms does not count as blanching and does not remove poisons.

Mushrooms are mildly nutritious (when cooked) and despite the inherent risks in eating them, are a great 'daily' food supply if you do not have a solid source of food, or you are unwilling to chip into your winter larder for whatever reason.

List of MushroomsEdit

Name Poison Safe after blanching? Growing seasons*

Where? (Biome, Tree Types)

Browncoat mushroom None Yes September - November
  • Conifereous Forests, Heathland, Pine Forests
  • Pine, Spruce
Ukko's mushroom None Yes August - October
  • Groves, Meadows, Settlements
Yellowcoat mushroom None Yes June - November
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Heathland
  • Birch, Young Birch, Young Pine
Yellow fingers mushroom None Yes April - July
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Meadows
Hairy mushroom Irritating Yes August - October
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Meadows, Spruce Mires
  • Birch, Young Birch
Ringed mushroom Irritating Yes August - September
  • Groves, Meadows
Soft mushroom Irritating Yes May - July
  • Groves, Meadows
Bearpaw mushroom Poisonous Yes August - November
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Settlements, Spruce Mires
Tellervo's gift mushroom Poisonous Yes September - December
  • Heathland, Pine Forests, Pine Mires
Redlegger mushroom Poisonous NO August - November
  • Heathland, Lichenous Pine Forests, Pine Forests
Noadi's mushroom Hallucinatory Hallucinatory June - October
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Heathland, Meadows, Pine or Spruce Mires, Settlements
  • Pine, Young Pine, Birch, Young Birch
Black ear mushroom Deadly Yes** April - July
  • Heathland, Lichenous Pine Forests, Pine Forests
Sand mushroom Deadly NO June - October
  • Conifereous Forests, Heathland, Pine Forests
* Mushrooms begin sprouting in the first month, and will start withering in the last month. Time to harvest depends on individual mushroom species.
** May have been previously marked as poisonous; was tested edible after blanching on version v3.16.