Over the course of your adventure, you will run into many types of Non-Player Characters, or NPCs.

Types of NPCEdit

Village / Settlement
Avatar Name Gender Abilities Describe
Old Man Male
Hunter Male Always have goods to trade
Adventurer Male Always have goods to trade
Woodman Male
Peasant Male

Rarely trade goods, Trade animals.

Not useful in provide information about surrounding world

Shaman/Sage Male Healing the only ones who can teach rituals
Woman/Maiden Female Rarely trade goods, Trade animals.

Provide information about nearby Njerpez, Njerpez camps, wandering bear or Foreign traders.

Child Male Have no provide anything useful
In the Wild
Avatar Name Gender Behavior Abilities Describe
Wandering Njerpez Male Hostile Killing Wandering alone, or sometime in pack, sometime can be seen cutting trees
Foreign traders Male Addaptive Trading Allways moving in pack, only accept furs
Vagabond Robber Robbing Allways moving in pack ,chasing and threating you to hand over stuffs, if you refuse, they will try to kill you
Vagabond woodsman Nothing Can give you some information about village...etc
Njerpez Camp
Avatar Name Gender Behavior Abilities Describe
Female Hostile Killing Kill player on sight
Male Hostile Killing Kill player on sight

NPC BehaviourEdit

NPCs that agree to help you need at least two different kinds of tool, and two days worth of food. Once in their inventory, food does not spoil, so one tactic to prolong food is to give it to an NPC, then take or trade it back. Things that are held by companions can be taken by [;] taking in another direction, similar to pack animals.

Keep in mind that NPCs use different statistics than the player. While you will be faster than most of them, even if you are completely unencumbered with the maximum possible speed and endurance attribute, there will be those that can still outrun you. Additionally, they are not affected by encumbrance in the same way as the player, tiring noticeably more slowly than the player even when burdened by metal armor and half a dozen large animal furs.

NPCs can sometimes be seen feeding from corpses.

NPC QuestsEdit

Village Reputation Edit

Stage 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Name Truthful Friend Famillar Unfamillar Stranger/Traveller Anoying Thief Hostile

Effect of Reputation:

*Higher your reputation in a village, the higher discount they give you in trading*

*When you are 2, they will trying to kick you out of their village, and 1-0 they will try to attack you untill you are fainted and throw you to a strange place far away from their village