A punt.

A punt is a lightweight boat, more portable than a raft.  It weighs 30 lbs and must be traded for.  Fishing shops frequently stock punts. Recorded purchase at 37 Elk Cuts.
  • Update v3.18 To Purchased a Punt for 70 Roasted Stage Cuts


  • The contents of a watercraft are listed when stepping onto one which is visible, possible requiring several presses of the spacebar upon every boarding. This can be avoided by facing away from the watercraft and backing onto it.
  • Watercraft cannot land on land which is already occupied by an item. It can be helpful to make use of the [;] key, which allows you to pickup items adjacent (including diagonal) to your current location, thereby clearing the desired landing. Furthermore, by doing this you can avoid having to step off your watercraft when grabbing items up to two spaces away. This can be especially useful for collecting stones, food from cellars, etc.
  • All watercraft as of version 3.16 can hold an infinite amount of items, no matter what the weight. This makes carrying items back from a raid or woodcutting trip much easier. (Note: 3.17 - Punt can't carry more than 6000 Pounds) Update V3.18 Jan 7th 2014 Raft holds up to 15 800lbs