The ritual skill grants access to a wide range of spells and incantations. These can enchant your items, boost your luck and potentially alter the environment, all to your benefit. New rituals are granted periodically, upon receiving a message about your character in relation to their surrounding. These messages are:

  • "You feel unity with the world" 
  • "You feel comfortable"
  • "The woods feel hostile around you"

After one of these messages, a new, unlearned ritual will be added to your rituals list, accessed with F4. This will only happen if you have no prior unlearned rituals. If you have learned all the rituals before, you will receive the message but no new ritual. New rituals (red on the rituals list) can only be used after a sage teaches you. To ask one to teach you, simply ask (via # and [T]alk to someone).

To gain favour with the spirits, perform sacrifices or pacifying rituals, such as General Sacrifice or Greet the Supernatural Guardian. However, performing them too much results in a message saying "This seems useless".

List of Rituals Edit