• Sheep are common domesticated animals, although they are not found in the north. They can be milked and killed for fur and 69 sheep meat cuts.
  • They can carry 38 lbs, carry less weight than a cow, but sheeps are cheaper.
  • They cost 38 cuts of meat, the same as a pig. In version 3.14 it costs around 80 cuts of meat. see Price
Kiesse sheep pen

Kiesse sheep pen

Basic Info SheepRam Foot Prints Sheep footprint
Type Land, Mammal, Domestic, Herbivore
Weight Behavior Passive
Taming Buy Or Steal Trapping None
Rare Common Active Time All Day

All Seasons



Eastern, Western, Southern


Movement  Walk/Run Climb Swim/Dive Fly
?/? No ?/No No
  • Sheep genders:
  1. Male-RamRam: Little bigger, Sometimes attempt to defend other sheeps if they are attacked by predators.
  2. Female-EwesEwe: can be milked
  • Trapping and Bait

Dont need

  • Cultures which sell
  1. Kiesseläiset
  1. Driikiläiset
  2. Sartolaiset
  3. Most villages in Reemiläiset
  4. Very rarely in Kaumolaiset
  • Sheep Sizes
Size Carry Weight Items Yelded
Cuts Fats Skin
Small 28 lb


<1 lb. 4 lb
Normal 37 lb


<1 lb 4 lb
Big 44 lb


<1 lb 4 lb