Small and flighty, squirrels are often the first prey of many players. Squirrels will attempt to dodge player attacks by climbing into trees, but they can be knocked down from them. One of the most common ways of knocking squirrels out of trees for early players is throwing rocks as rocks are easy to acquire and have no value.

In early game squirrel is one of the easiest and safest meats to acquire (besides fishing) as squirrels do not fight back and are very weak. If you manage to cripple a squirrel it is already as good as dead as you can kick or punch it to death.


A squirrel on the ground

A squirrel provides 1 cut of meat, and 0.2 lbs of hide. Squirrel skins become furs when tanned. The fur of a single squirrel cannot create any article of clothing because it is so small. If you are able to acquire more than 1 lb of squirrel fur you can create cord or a bandage.

Squirrels are so small that the single cut of meat gotten from the squirrel is actually heavier than the carcass, making it easier to transport before butchering unlike all other animals.